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Sheet Glass Project


The proposed sheet glass project is intended to promote the development of value added industries in agriculture and minerals. In this case, to add value to the silica sand and other raw materials like limestone, dolomite, feldspar, soda ash to produce sheet glass and glassware products that are extensively used in construction, motor vehicle industry and vials.

The intervention is proposed to establish a plant capacity of 200 metric tons/day in Masaka district to fully exploit the abundant pure white silica sand deposits that exist on the shores of Lake Victoria, particularly Dimu beach in Masaka.

The project is to be implemented as a joint venture partnership between UDC and Kimu investments through a Special Purpose Vehicle (Lake Victoria Sheet Glass Company) which was incorporated.

This project is envisaged to create employment opportunities to the neighbouring communities and the country at large and thus increase the revenue base leading to economic development of the country.