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Kalangala Infrastructure Services

This is a public-private partnership between the Government of Uganda represented by Uganda Development Corporation (UDC), Infraco and International Development Corporation (IDC). Shareholders in KIS are UDC holding 45.7% ordinary and convertible preference shares, InfraCo - 54.3% ordinary and convertible preference shares and IDC - 100% redeemable preference shares. The investment comprises of the following:


1. Ferry Services

Kalangala Ferry

KIS completed the construction of ports (landing sites) at Bukakata (main land) and Bugoma (Bugala island) in December 2011.

The company commenced marine transportation services on 16th August 2012 by launching Mv Pearl and later launched Mv Ssese on 26th February 2015.

Both ferries roll-on, roll-off passengers and vehicles, provide safe and reliable 30 minutes crossing between the mainland and Bugala island.

Prior to KIS ferry services, GoU operated a ferry between Bukakata and Luuku and used to make 2000 crossings only but now it increased tremendously to 5200

Ferry Operations have positively impacted on the people of Bugala Island as follows;

  • Safe transport has boosted economic growth on Bugala island
  • Reliable marine transport services which has increased trade between mainland and island.
  • Accessibility to public services like schools, hospitals, and other amenities has been eased.
  • Tourism has been boosted


2.  Power Services

Solar panels
Solar Panel Array at Bukuzindu Power Plant

KIS was licensed to generate and sell Electricity on Bugala Island, Kalangala District;

In fulfilment of this mandate, KIS constructed a 1.6 MW Solar-Thermal hybrid power generating station, a 2MVA substation with 120KM Medium Voltage/ distribution network to supply over 40 villages on the Island.

Bugala Island has 49 villages with nucleated settlement, where 80% are connected to electricity and the 20% awaits network extension and connection.

Commercial Operation of this power system was achieved in 2015 after successful completion of construction and commissioning tests; and to date, over 4,208 customers are on supply 24/7.

The availability of this utility services has since;

  • Improved quality of life on the island; and enhanced retention of quality workers (Teachers, Doctors, etc.)by the District;
  • Reduced dependence on the lake (unregulated fishing) and forest (lumbering) to other productive business ventures, using electricity e.g. Agro processing industry; and Tourism.
  • Improved Man-hours of productive work, performance in schools, and quality of service in the health centers;
  • Enhanced environmental protection through diversification of energy source from firewood to electricity.


3. Water Services

Mwena Water treatment plant
Mwena Water treatment plant

KIS is providing safe, reliable and clean water to Kalangala Town Council, it upgraded the Kalangala Town Council (KTC) water system and Five (5) areas on Bugala Island – Kalangala District and these include;

  • Kalangala Town Council (Covering the entire Town Council and some parts of Mugoye Sub County which include Bumangi and Kasenyi areas)
  • Kagulube Area which covers Kagulube, Kibanga, Maboga, Bugoma and Luku
  • Murole Area which covers Murole, Bbeta, Bukuzindu, Mugoye Sub County Headquarters and surrounding areas
  • Kasekulo Area which covers the entire Kasekulo Landing Site
  • Mulabana Area which covers Kananansi and Kyagalanyi

KIS constructed Mwena water treatment plant which has a capacity of producing over 400,000 Litres of water per day and the reservoir tanks/storage facilities of 200,000 Litres. The improvement has enabled KIS to supply water to Bugala island 24 hours.

As a result of safe water supply services, the population on Bugala Island has experienced a reduction in medical expenses due to reduction water in borne diseases and improved sanitation.


4. Road Maintenance Services

Road maintenance services
Completed 66km Class B gravel standard murram road

KIS completed a 66km class B gravel standard marram road on Bugala Island from Luuku - Mulabana under the supervision of UNRA. Upon completion, KIS handed over the Road to the GoU on 18 March 2016.

The improved road network has positively impacted on the people of Bugala Island in social, economic, political and cultural aspects as below;

  • Increased business opportunities and growth in trade.
  • Improved accessibility for goods and services,
  • Reduction in wear and tear for automobiles,
  • Boosted tourism as Kalangala is well known to be a tourist destination,
  • Reduction in the mortality rate of expectant mother who are given referral to Masaka which is the nearest district.
  • Increased value for land.
  • Increased income for the residents due to improved business opportunities
  • Employment opportunities for both residents and other people from other districts