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Mutuma Commercial Agencies Limited


This is a brown field investment and an agro industry located in Luuka district The Company is engaged in value addition to Uganda’s raw cotton to produce high quality surgical cotton wool, seed oil, cotton seed cake for animal feed. The venture works with over 6,000 smallholder farmers that supply raw cotton to the company. The business has ready domestic market for the supply of high quality surgical cotton and maternity kits to Medical Stores. In addition, the company has future plan to diversify into production of other products such as medical gauze for the health sector and sanitary pads. However, the venture has not been able to fulfill its supply obligations to its main buyers due to the increasing domestic demand for the products.

Processing of cotton wool and related products has great potential in terms of socio-economic benefits such as: provision of employment to the local community, source of revenue to local and central government, the corporation considers it as a strategic investment. UDC intends to invest in the company by acquiring an equity stake in order to increase the production capacity of the company to be able to meet its domestic demand and also produce for exports.