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Message from the Board Chairman


Board ChairUganda Development Corporation (UDC) is set up by the Uganda Development Corporation Act of 2016 as the investment arm of the Government of Uganda for purposes of industrial and economic development of Uganda. The Corporation follows the Government Policy on industrial and economic development and UDC's activities are all aligned towards achieving the commitments in the National Development Plan, National Industrial Policy (2008) and Vision 2040. UDC as the Industrial and Development arm of the Government of Uganda is mandated to invest in strategic sectors of the economy in order to catalyze industrial and economic development.

The mission of UDC is to make long-term investments in strategic sectors of the economy in order to stimulate industrial and economic development and thus spur private sector growth. UDC has achieved this through using development partnerships to co-finance the feasibility studies for potential investment projects, particularly in the minerals sector as well as utilizing Operations & Management partnerships to run or turnaround UDC's investments efficiently and effectively. Additionally, UDC engages potential partners using co-investments (joint venture, PPPs) whilst harnessing industrial and sectoral synergies to facilitate UDC investments. It is foreseen that investments in these strategic sectors over the next several years will drive the creation of jobs, improve the trade balance position, and enhance the country’s capacity to benefit more from her resources. Implementation of UDC’S mandate will call for concerted efforts, and the Corporation is prepared to play her part.

We count on complementary efforts to successfully driving industrial growth in Uganda.

Hamu Mugenyi

Chairperson, Board of the Corporation