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B2B Meeting at Instanbul

Turkey Business Trade and Tourism Expo in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Embassy of Turkey and Chamber of Commerce of both countries organized a business trade and tourism expo in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey from the 28th of July to 3rd August 2019.

The expo offers new opportunities for trade cooperation and investment partnerships by bringing the business people and investors together. Uganda is to take advantage of this opportunity by marketing itself to the Turkish business companies through showcasing the available investment opportunities in the country to attract partnerships between the two countries.

Through this, Uganda can be able to identify potential business partnerships, tap expertise from the Turkish business companies as well as potential markets for our products. In this regard, UDC can utilize this opportunity to explore investment partnerships with Turkish business companies in sectors the corporation is engaged in and also obtain markets for some of the products produced by UDC subsidiaries and associated companies such as Soroti Fruits Factory limited and Kayonza tea factory.