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Bukona Agro Processors Ltd


Factory view of Bukona Agro Processors Ltd

The corporation is exploring the prospects of partnering with the already existent Bukona Agro Processors Ltd factory located in Koch Goma-Nwoya district; to operationalize an ethanol from fresh Cassava processing line that will be operating at an input capacity of 250MT-300 MT/day of fresh cassava to produce approximately 40,500 liters/day of denatured alcohol that will be used for cooking and lighting purposes.

Operationalization of the proposed facility is projected to;

  • realize an annual injection of at least UGX 13.1 billion/year into the local economy, just from the purchase of fresh cassava alone.
  • Create approximately 10,000 employment opportunities (both direct and indirect) associated with the industrialization of the cassava crop into denatured ethanol (e.g. farmers, factory workers, packaging, transportation and distribution channels etc).
  • Contribute to environmental protection (reduced deforestation saving around 1,270 trees per year) as a result of a nationwide gradual shift from the usage of fossil fuels, firewood and charcoal to ethanol cook stoves.