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Luweero Fruit Processing Factory

The purpose of this project is to establish a multi-purpose fruit processing facility with the most suitable production systems and processing technology for fruit chopping, pulp extraction, evaporation, pasteurization, fruit drying and production of fresh juice.  The facility will also consist a fruit sorting, grading, drying, storage and packaging center to prepare and process fresh fruits for consumption in the local, regional and international markets.

It is to provide an accessible market and fair price for fruit farmers’ produce in Luweero Triangle by adding value to their produce. The aim being the reduction of post harvest losses during the peak seasons, extraction of a larger portion of the value in the fruit production and processing chain, and to increase and diversify the incomes of fruit farmers.

Economic & Social Benefits of the Project

  • Increase in the incomes of the fruit farmers in Luweero Triangle by providing a ready market for their fresh produce; This will result in the reduction of the prevailing post harvest losses leading to increased fruit production and productivity (poverty alleviation)
  • Creation of employment opportunities at the; farm level, processing facility and affiliated value chain businesses
  • Infrastructure development will emerge in the Luweero Triangle such as roads, power, Education and health facilities and other social amenities;

Progress made on this project so far:

  • A 2013 Feasibility study that was conducted recommended the establishment of a 12MT/hr capacity pineapple fruit processing facility completed.
  • The estimated total cost of this project is about US $ 7,413,000.
  • Secured 10 acres of land in Luweero.
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